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what are mips?


The Mech Identity Protocol project is a new form of dynamic NFT collection which will be deployed in multiple phases, starting with 10,000 Modular Mech Heads and their drivers. Mech Bodies will be releasing later down the line so you can combine and assemble your own fully customized Mech.

We've always been fascinated by the Mech world and the possibilities of producing an NFT collection, it's definitely an amazing opportunity for artists and innovative people to showcase their craft and for them to show their concept of Mech Artwork. The MIP Project was conceptualized around the idea of providing YOU the opportunity to swap around parts of your Mech, allowing you to express your creative freedom or achieve FACTION compositions to increase their rarity.

Customize your Mechs, Increase their rarity, scrap them for parts and sell them YOUR MECH, YOUR RULES.
Let us present to you the MIP GARAGE

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what are mips?


Welcome to your own Mech remodelling service, as mentioned earlier in the MIP project we would like to give you the ability to express yourselves through your mech designs, this will be your customization station.

Here you will be able to break down your MIPs into parts, and use them as individual pieces to reforge and combine them into your self-made MIP. This isn't only a perk but one of the main features of the MIP initiative, remodel your Mech Head, your Mech Body, or any combination. Remodel your MIP and achieve a FACTION color theme to obtain MIP project perks and increase the rarity of your MIP.
(more about this below)


Garage Under Construction

MIP Golden Ticket

  • Free Premium Season Pass

    Premium Season Pass perks and priviledges automatically enabled and granted for free.

  • Free MIP Heads

    3x Free MIP Head mints.

  • Free MIP Bodies

    2x Free MIP Bodies mints.

  • Increased Mint Limit

    The average MIP buyer will be limited to 2 mints per wallet, with the ticket you'll get 1 additional slot, for the total of 3 mint limit.

  • Preferential Drop Slots

    Guaranteed slots to any sort of collection or derivatives that are done further down the MIP project development.

  • VIP Perks

    Including but not limited to Access to all the private giveaways to OG Members. Access to future exclusive Merch store & guaranteed token Drops.

  • MIP Project Promotion

    We'll focus on trying to build an active and healthy community from the announcement of the project. We're still working the specific numbers on rarity of the collection as we have different artists continously providing us with new models and art to provide the highest level of quality and diversity at launch, as well as finishing all the necessary infrastructure for the remodelling process. Strengthening of community will be key to bring the project up to the standards that the community deserves, we'll work hard to earn your support.

  • MIP Head Deployment

    First deployment of the MIP project which will include the MIP Heads which come with each individual driver. We'll follow a group based minting process to avoid excessive gas costs and to make the process as clear and accessible as possible, the amount of groups and specific structure will be selected according to the volume, and so will be decide further on.

  • Garage Remodel Launch
    (JAN 2022)

    Launch of the remodelling process for the MIP Heads, which we're working intensively on and would like to be available within a couple of weeks from the reveal of the collection. We're really hyped to see how people will use the garage

  • MIP Body Deployment
    (Q1 2022)

    Deployment of the MIP Bodies, which will also follow a group based minting process. The creation is still in the early stages since we are really thinking of spicing it up and bring not only basic humanoid forms but twisted surprises for you to enjoy, as well as the amount of MIP bodies generated that will depend on the community and MIP Head market size at that point.

  • Full MIP Remodel Launch
    (Q1 2022)

    Implementation of both the MIP Body and the Full MIP services on the garage, enabling the remodelling of the MIP bodies by themselves as well as the construction of full modeled MIPs of Head + Body.

  • Tertiary Market Launch
    (Q1 2022)

    The remodelling process is going to result in spare parts that were not used in the creation of the new MIPs, these will be tracked by an internal database so that no MIP owner loses value at any point since it will have those spare parts linked to the wallet. We intend to give utility and create additional uses for these parts, or even create an internal tertiary market to trade individual components.

  • Future MIP Development (2022)

    Apart from the usual further drops and future collaborations with other artists, we've got many ideas of how to push the MIP brand further, so we would like to outline some of the main ideas of how the MIP project would evolve after the initial stages.

    -Creation of a DAO and distribution of it's token as airdrops based on the MIP holder base, giving our community the possibility to have ownership, voting rights and the possibility of earning profits from the MIP brand itself.

    -Game development, following a new structure of pay to earn system, by which we'll incentivize not only the token holders but the player base itself since they'll be co-participants of the profits of the game. Which is a really attractive idea for us, since some of the original developers have years of experience in the game developing industry.

    -Short pilot animation to pitch for the production of an animated series, orientated and thinking about a netflix production series.

    -Creation of a merch store, with exclusive accesss and perks for MIP or token holders.

What are mips?


The MIP project rise takes place during the transition of a Mech based civilization, in which the disbandment of the sole and monopolistic organization MECHCORP which has resulted in the creation of 8 main factions that now quarrel for the Mech supremacy.

M alaya Electronics

E inar Energetics

C oda Motors

H aruto Group

C hiara Robotics

O rphyx Limited

R aijin Industries

P risma Tech

The ex-MECHCORP members confidently think it's an 8 entity race, but will this power fracture result in the emergence of a new Mech powerhouse? If you were ever able to customize your MIP so that its composed of all the specific coloured modules of the same Faction. Not only will you be the proud owner of a rare MIP in its own right, but you will be eligible to enter the Legendary unnanounced Mech Faction Giveaways. -33 Legendary "Nameless" MIPs will be given away during Q1 and Q2 of 2022 ONLY to those that have Mech Heads belonging to a faction.

  • Malaya


  • Einar


  • Coda


  • Haruto


  • Chiara


  • Orphyx


  • Raijin


  • Prisma


  • ?